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Motor Oil

Zolton Motor Oil has been developed to meet the high lubrication demand for Modern Gasoline (Petrol) Powered Engines. Formulated with high quality mineral base oils and best quality performance additives. ZOLTON Motor Oil has a wide range of products to choose from that caters to the specific

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Diesel Engine Oil

ZOLTON Lubricants have a wide range of Diesel Engine Oils (DEO) to meet the high demand for performance and quality in severe service conditions. ZOLTON DEO’s are manufactured carefully with very high quality solvent refined virgin base oils and best quality selected additives to meet the performance demands of various kinds of old as well […]

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2T & 4T engine oil

ZOLTON TT is a two stroke gasoline engine oil suitable for non-outboard air cooled engines of motor bikes, scooters and other two wheelers. ZOLTON TT uses high quality virgin mineral base oils and special high quality additive to meet all highest level of quality and performance.

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